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Techical Services

The company has tried with it’s foreign business partners(Kintec, South Korea, in the field of manufacturing Spare Parts for reciprocating compressors and NG Brazil in the feild of manufacturing steam Turbine Parts)To Transfer Technology And Experience Of These Companies in the field of design, engineering and Construction cooperation.

  • Prepartion of technical documents for spare parts of rotary equipment in order to facilitate the manufacture of required parts.
  • Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of Control and Power systems related to packages and process units
  • Checking the operating Conditions of process equipment including Centrifugal and recipro cating Compressors and turbo expanders
  • Proriding support services, manufacturing and supply of spare parts and preparation of technical documents for centrifugal and recipractin compressors and tubo expanders
  • Honey well pressure and Temperature transmiters Oil Field